Tango-Vals: video-course by Christy Cote & George Garcia

Video-course of Tango-Vals (Argentine Vals) by Christy Cote & George Garcia: 23 video-lessons.

Download from rutracker.org (1.51 gb).

Watch onlie:

Part 1

1 Intro

2 Progressive Cross System Basic

3 Progressive Cross System Basic with Balanceo

4 Cadencia Turns

5 Ocho Cortado

6 Back Ochos

7 Molinete Right with Ocho Cortado

8 Left Turn with Cadencia

9 Right Turn with Ocho Cortado

10 Revolving Back Ochos

11 Point & Pivot to Outside Partner Left

12 Demo of Figures 5-11

Part 2

1 Leader’s Cruzada

2 Cambio de Frente with Lapiz

3 Cross System Sacada to Back Ochos and Molinete

4 Cross System Sacada to Boleo and Spiral Cross

Demo of Figures 1-4

5 Tijera to Left Turn

6 Corrida with Ocho Cortado

7 Back Ochos with Leader’s Play

8 Enrosque Right with Gancho & Enganche


9 Back Ocho, Boleos, Giro con Lapiz & Parada

10 Volcada from Back Ochos

11 Continuous Turns to the Right with Sacadas

12 Planeo to Colgada


Dance Demonstration

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