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How ANYONE can be a great leader in tango

By Andrew L. Kaye

How ANYONE can be a great leader in tango:
Five points for tango success

TANGO—The myth, the surprise, the seduction, the silence. For many, a religion, a way of life—milonguerismo. But what about the raw facts? How do we take charge of our dancing?

The answer, I believe, has two parts of equal importance: one is artistry; and the other is technique. Both are demanding, and their perfection generally takes many years of study and perseverance. In this article I will address five areas for consideration for leaders, principally in the realm of technique, to help them achieve their goal of becoming great tangueros. (An article addressing some important technical considerations for followers will appear in March 2011).

1) A step is a transfer of weight

In its essence, the “step” in tango is a “transfer of weight.” If we have not made a full and proper transfer of weight, we have not executed our step. If we overshoot this transfer of weight, we are making more than one step, and this will also cause problems in our dance. When we define a step as a transfer of weight, we will realize that the step needs to originate in the standing leg (i.e. from the floor); and end when we are perfectly in balance over the new standing leg.

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