Kindle Bookstore opens in Bangalore, India

Posted February 14, 2019 12:05:10Kindle Books is opening in Bangalore on February 14 as a local retailer, bringing the bookstore to the city, its CEO has said.

Kamlesh Bhatt, founder of, said the new shop would be located on the fourth floor of the bookshop in the building owned by the bookstores, which is currently under renovation.

“We are opening a book store in Bangalore for local booksellers, booksellors from across India, who will come here and buy books from the new store,” he said.

The bookshop will be one of Amazon’s first in the city.

Bhatt said it would offer an array of books from around the world, including popular authors and genres.

“This is not just about books.

It is about the Indian market as well,” he added.

Amazon will launch its e-bookstore in India in April 2019.