What you need to know about Harold washington Library’s new bookshelf

Launching on Friday, the new Harold washingford Library shelves are designed to help you get to know your favourite books and help you find them.

The new shelves are being developed by the library’s staff in partnership with online retailer Bookstack and retailer iBookstore, which has partnered with the library.

The shelves are aimed at libraries and library users.

“They are designed for people who want to read the best books, and they are designed with a wide range of reading interests,” library spokesperson and vice president of business development, Sarah Denny, said.

“So they’re going to be ideal for young people, adults, children and adults.”

Library patrons can access the new shelves from their homes via their mobile devices and the new digital platform Bookstack has created a catalogue of books that will be featured in the shelves.

It will feature books by Australian authors and authors from around the world.

“There are over 100,000 titles in the library,” Ms Denny said.

Books that are featured in bookshelt are available for free.

The library is also looking to expand the shelf offerings.

“We’ve got the capacity to have 10,000 books on the shelves and we’ll have a huge range of books in the store,” Ms Kinsley said.

The Library’s website has also been updated to include new books from the library and booksellers around the country.

“This is the beginning of a really exciting year for the library, and for the community,” Ms Noll said.

Ms Nell said the library would look to develop more reading and digital books and programs to further support its services.