I’m a little bit of a ‘Star Wars’ fan’

I was raised on Star Wars, so it was natural that I was going to watch a lot of movies from the galaxy far, far away.

But my favorite is probably the one that’s closest to home: Star Wars.

And if I had to pick a favorite movie from the series, it would have to be the original trilogy.

I have an incredible collection of Star Wars merchandise and books, and I’ve been a fan since I was about three years old.

So I knew I wanted to buy the original Trilogy.

But I couldn’t get my hands on it.

So, I started searching.

What could I find that would be a good gift for my wife?

I found this online shop called Star Wars Toys, and the response was incredible.

I was so impressed that they were so committed to their Star Wars collection that they could not only deliver a great Star Wars toy, but a very affordable one too.

And the only reason I didn’t just buy the toys, they were actually made in America.

They came with an instruction manual.

And then the instructions included instructions on how to use the toys in order to recreate scenes from the films.

So that was an incredible, amazing gift.

I’ve gotten a few letters and calls from people who say they were totally thrilled.

I think they’re all Star Wars fans, and they are so excited about the gifts that they’ve gotten from Star Wars toys.

It’s so great that the store has been able to bring this Star Wars line to the United States.

That’s the ultimate gift.

What’s the deal with Star Wars?

Why did you want to start this company?

I had an amazing idea to create a Star Wars company.

I’m not sure why I decided to make this venture.

It wasn’t until I started looking at Star Wars merchandising that I realized I was very passionate about Star Wars and its lore.

I started thinking about what my future could be, and what my dream is going to be, so I started making Star Wars memorabilia.

And after some thought, I realized that Star Wars was a perfect fit for me.

I like toys, I like fantasy, I have a huge Star Wars fan following.

And Star Wars is my first love.

What are the main things you’re doing with the business?

My goal is to create new Star Wars products.

The merchandise line is a great starting point.

But then the next thing is making a lot more Star Wars related items, so we’re creating new Star War products every month.

So this business is not just about merchandizing.

I love collecting Star Wars collectibles, and also doing Star Wars projects with my wife.

But when I start designing the future, it’s really about creating new products and new experiences.

I hope that you enjoy this exclusive interview with me.

You can also see me at the Star Wars Celebration convention in Anaheim, California, in June.

And in November, I’ll be in Toronto.

For more information, check out my site at www.christmasmagic.com.

I want to thank the Disney Parks and Resorts staff and the Lucasfilm and LucasArts employees at Lucasfilm, as well as my friend, the wonderful John, for helping me create this interview.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of the amazing volunteers who have contributed to this celebration of Star War.

I am truly grateful to everyone who has been a part of the celebration and has helped make this possible.

Thank you, and may the Force be with you.

What to know about the $400M solar farm planned for Pima County library

A $400 million solar farm in Pima county, Ariz., is on track to open in late 2019.

The project is the latest effort by solar company PSA Solar to boost its portfolio of solar farms and install panels on public and private buildings in the United States.

The company says it is looking to build more than 100 solar farms in the U.S. by 2022, including in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington.

SolarCity, which announced the project in March, says it plans to build its first solar farm for a public facility in 2019, adding that it expects to build about 400 solar farms across the U, U.K. and U. States in the next 10 years.

PSA says it has been operating for 25 years and employs about 5,000 people.

The Pima solar project will be the largest solar farm installed in the country.

The county has already signed an agreement to acquire PSA’s portfolio of 100 megawatts of solar power, which includes about 7,000 residential panels and 2,500 commercial and commercial-scale panels.

The solar farm is expected to cost $5.9 million per megawatt hour.

Boston Public Library to expand online reading list, library says

A Massachusetts public library will expand its online reading collection, announcing plans to add a number of books and magazines online and to expand the list to include more genres.

The move will help the public library attract more readers and broaden its offerings, according to the library.

The library announced Wednesday that it will add books on the science, history, art, and history of books to its online library of choice, the Boston Public Lib, starting on July 2.

The library will also add more than 100 titles, including a handful of science-themed titles, and a selection of children’s books.

The plan comes as the library is working to expand its digital collection of about 1.3 million books, which is already nearly 10 percent of its online content.

The move comes after a similar plan was scrapped by Boston Public Schools, which would have offered the library the option to use its online catalog to offer online access to about 600 titles.

But the plan fell apart after public outcry.

The new library initiative, which will be rolled out over the next year, will include more than 500 titles, said Elizabeth Johnson, executive director of the library, in a news release.

The libraries will also expand the collection to include some of the city’s more popular digital titles, such as a list of Boston-area movies.

The public library has long been a leader in digital book acquisitions, but the expansion of its catalog to include the library’s most popular titles will allow the library to expand it further and offer more to readers.

The plan also includes a new section on the library website, where readers can learn more about the library and its collections.

The addition of the titles comes as Boston Public Libraries has been in the midst of a $500 million book-buying spree, and the library plans to increase its online offerings by another 30 percent.

A recent survey by the Library Association of Massachusetts found that 50 percent of Boston Public library patrons read at least some of their library content online.

In a survey of the public’s tastes for reading materials, 55 percent of respondents said they read at a library or on their own, while 22 percent said they did so for a group or a group of friends.

The expansion will help make the library a more attractive choice for students and students who need more books, said Joseph Osterman, director of public affairs for the library system.

The number of students who read at the library has grown dramatically in recent years.

Last year, the library served about 2.5 million students.

Watchtower online Library is a ‘toxic’ place

The Jehovah’s Witness world headquarters in New York City.

(Getty Images) The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of America (WBCTSA), a church group that controls more than 150,000 congregations worldwide, is suing the city of Chicago over its handling of the fatal police shooting of a man in Chicago on Nov. 2.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday in Cook County Circuit Court, alleges the city violated the rights of the victim, Andrew Jackson Jr., by failing to properly investigate the incident and failing to provide any information that could have prevented Jackson’s death.

“The city of the city and its police department, including the police department’s leadership, acted with total disregard for the victim’s life,” the lawsuit states.

“As a result, Andrew was placed in a situation in which he was not protected from further harm by police officers, even though the officers had lawful authority to use lethal force against him.”

The lawsuit alleges the Chicago police department failed to provide a warrant for the arrest of the suspect, Emanuel Brown, and failed to properly document the use of force by the officers.

“It is our belief that the city’s failure to properly secure and preserve the suspect’s arrest warrant resulted in Andrew Jackson’s untimely death,” the suit states.

Watchtower says the city failed to protect Jackson from the city by failing a routine protocol in the event of a shooting.

“In the circumstances presented in the lawsuit, the city, the police, and its officers had the opportunity to obtain a warrant and lawfully use deadly force against the suspect,” the complaint states.

It claims the city should have arrested Brown on a misdemeanor charge of failing to stop and render aid.

Brown, who has not been arrested, is scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 7.

Chicago police declined to comment on the lawsuit.

The Chicago Tribune previously reported that the Watchtower and the Chicago Police Department have clashed in recent years.

A lawsuit filed by the Chicago Watchtower in May accused the Chicago city of failing “to effectively and appropriately enforce civil rights laws” and for failing to investigate complaints about police brutality.

A civil rights investigation found that police in the city were disproportionately targeting people of color.

‘They don’t know me’: ‘They have no idea who I am’

The man who used to deliver newspapers in Durham County, North Carolina, is no longer in the public eye after a police investigation into his alleged theft of thousands of dollars worth of books.

Police said the 43-year-old man was stopped in a parking lot near the Durham Public Library after they spotted him stealing items.

The man allegedly told police he had been at the library and had forgotten to take his keys and the library’s parking pass.

Police arrested the man at his home.

He was charged with theft of property worth more than $500.

He also faces a burglary charge.

Durham County Public Library spokesman Tim Smith told ABC News the man’s actions are “disturbing” and are not reflective of the library community.

“The Durham Public library does not tolerate the theft of library materials,” Smith said.

“Anytime we have a case like this, we immediately act on it.

We have zero tolerance for it.”

A spokesman for the state library system in Durham said the library has zero tolerance and will investigate.

“While this investigation is ongoing, we have zero-tolerance for the theft or destruction of library items, and we are currently working to determine exactly what happened,” spokesman Josh Stover said in a statement.

“The library has no tolerance for this type of behavior.

This behavior is not acceptable and it will not be tolerated.”

The Durham Police Department declined to release any further details about the case.

The man was released from jail on $50,000 bail, according to a news release from the Durham Police.

What you need to know about the latest news from around the world

WASHINGTON — A video of a man punching a woman in the face at a local library has sparked an online controversy, prompting the Washington Public Library to issue a statement saying it will no longer host the event.

The video, posted by the YouTube video site, shows a man walking into the Pennsylvania Library of Congress in downtown Washington, D.C., and punching a man in the eye.

It then shows the man walk away and leave the scene, with the woman in her late 20s and a man sitting nearby.

The incident happened on March 14.

The woman told police the man punched her and she fell to the ground, prompting police to arrive and detain him.

He is facing charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct.

The Washington Public Public Library released a statement on Monday, saying the incident has sparked a public outcry and will no long be allowed to take place.

“We believe this was a violent assault that should not have occurred at a public library,” the statement said.

“We will no doubt be contacting our local police and reviewing our policies and procedures to ensure that such incidents never happen again.”

The statement added that the library will no forever host the protest.

Follow Chris Megerian on Twitter at @chrismegerian.

How to avoid a library card fraud scandal

A library card scam has hit Ohio’s largest public library, where more than 400 people have lost thousands of dollars since the card was issued in February.

The problem began when a new employee was hired at the library in early June, the Ohio Public Library Association said in a statement.

She was charged with three felony counts of card fraud, according to the association.

“She failed to provide the library with proper information, which led to our investigation, resulting in charges against her,” the association said.

The association said the library has now hired more than a dozen additional employees and added security measures.

“The library has experienced an influx of calls from customers since the first card was distributed,” the statement said.

“We are committed to providing our customers with the information they need to safely access their library resources.”

According to the library, the suspect, identified only as “L”, used the card at two different libraries in the city of Cuyahogans, one in July and one in October.

She allegedly used the cards at the Cuyahsaw Valley Public Library, where she was employed as a librarian.

She has not been arrested.

The association said it had been in contact with the library and the Cincinnati Police Department.

“We are extremely concerned by this latest development,” it said in the statement.

“It raises serious concerns about the safety and security of our patrons and our library services.

The library board is in regular contact with its board and community leaders regarding this matter.”

How to use the Phoenix library in your project

Phoenix is a powerful and powerful library.

I use it to build my own application that will work in all modern web browsers.

But it’s also a great tool for writing simple web services.

This post will show you how to use it in your projects, and show you some great examples of how to write better code.

Phoenix works by creating a directory with all of the code you need.

This directory is called “myproject”.

Then, you just type the following command to create the directory: cd myproject cd my_app.php cd ..

You’ll notice the directory structure changed.

When you add a file to the directory, the contents are copied into that file.

If you have the Phx file that implements the Pho interface, the content is copied in a separate file.

For example, if you create a file called Phx/index.php, it will be copied to index.php in your Phx directory.

To use the library, you have to put the contents of your index.phx file in a file named “my_app”.

When you run this file, you will get a message saying that the directory has been created.

This message shows that the contents have been copied to the folder that the PhX file was created in.

You can view the contents in the “MyProject” directory, where you can see all the files in that directory.

There are a lot of other things that you can do with the Phrx directory, like rename files or create new directories, but that’s all covered in the next section.

Creating a new project You can create a new directory with the “new” command.

For a project that you want to keep a constant working directory, this will create a directory called “projects”.

When the project is created, the “projects” directory is automatically updated to point to the new project.

If the project doesn’t exist, you’ll get a “failed to create project” error.

You also can create multiple projects.

You don’t have to worry about the project directory being empty.

You just need to create a project, add a few files, and call that project “project_name”.

The Phrx project directory is just like any other directory.

It can contain your application’s code, your configuration files, some files for the router, some network configuration, some tests, and so on.

So long as the Phinx file that’s being built is there, you can use it.

When the Phix file is done, it creates a directory “project” and creates a file in it called “project.phrx”.

You can use that file to call the Phyo functions.

The file can be used anywhere in your application.

For this tutorial, we’ll use it just to create our web server, but it could be used for any project you want.

The directory structure You create a Phx project by creating the directory “projects”, and adding the Phy file that defines the structure of your project.

You use Phy in the Phry directory.

Phy is just a text file.

You create Phy files by adding an extension of “.phrx”, like “phoenix”.

If you put this extension in the file, the Phyre file that will be used is named Phy.phry.

The Phy Phry extension contains a Phry object, which contains all of your code.

The name of your Phy object is just the name of the Phyr file that is being built.

This object contains a bunch of Phyre functions, and a bunch more.

The phyre function is a little helper function that you pass into your Phry.

Phyre is just an extension to the Phyx file.

This extension contains all the Phye code.

You do this by adding the extension of the file you want Phy to call to Phy, like “Phyre.phyre”.

The phyr function is just that, a Phyre function.

You pass it in to Phyre.

Phyr is just another Phyre extension, like Phyre itself.

You put the extension into the Phynx file.

When Phyre finishes building, it uses that Phyre object to create an index.html file that contains all your index files.

The index.htm file will have the same structure as the index.com file that you put in the project’s directory.

When your project is finished, the index files will be in the same directory as the project.

This is how your application looks like: The index file will be named “index.html”.

The index_com file will contain your test and network configuration files.

You’ll need these files to be able to create and access the network.

To do that, you use Phys Phyre to do all the work.

So Phyre takes a Phy project and creates the directory to build the index file from.

It then uses the index_file object in the index directory

How to use cornell to convert a library

A new library by Cornell Library founder and CEO Jeff Cornell is coming to the Apple Watch.

The Midnight Library is an app that takes your favorite apps and converts them into a library for the Apple watch.

It’s available for free for iOS and Android.

We took the time to get an early look at the app.


Launch the Midnight Library app from your wrist and go to Settings > Library.


Select the library you want to create and then tap Create.


Choose your app and select the iOS or Android version.


Tap the “Convert to a library” button and the library will be created on your wrist.


Tap on the library to open it in the Midnight library.


Tap and hold on the “Library” icon to save it to your library.


When you’re done, tap the “Done” button.


You can access the library from your watch as normal.


The library is not just for reading but also for viewing it.

You’ll see a list of the books and videos in your library and can filter by genre or by author.

The app also includes a “bookmarks” feature so you can add them to your bookmarks list, so you’ll always have access to a particular book or video.


The feature is very simple.

You just add a bookmark for your favorite book or movie to your watch.


You could also use the app to play videos.

It offers a full library of movies, books, and TV shows.


Once you’re finished, tap “Done.”


The Apple Watch will automatically download and install the Midnight Libraries app on your device, and you’ll be able to see your library on your watch when you open the app on a device that supports it.

This new library is just the first of many that Cornell will launch.

Cornell says his library app will be used by more than 50,000 people and is “a great way to keep track of your library, access it when you need it, and access it anytime you want.”

We’ve seen a few other libraries come to the watch in the past, including one by Google and another by Apple.

The Clock Library, for instance, offers a collection of popular and recent apps and services, like Google Calendar and Google Now, that are also integrated with Apple Watch apps.

It doesn’t make for an elegant way to access your library as of yet, but Cornell told The Verge that he hopes to add more functionality to the app in the future.

We’ll update this story as soon as we have more information.

How to get a public library card to get access to online services

When you get an offer from a public school or library, it may be a little different from what you expected.

You may be eligible for an online card to access online services like Netflix, Google Maps and YouTube.

If so, you can read more about it here.

If not, you may need to contact the library directly to get an online library card.

The library can ask for proof of residency, but they may not give you the cards needed to get in.

So, before you get started, here are some tips on getting a library card that can get you in.

How to apply to get online card How to start applying to get into a library How to search for libraries and learn about them How to find an online directory to search online The process is the same as for any other online application.

You will need to get all the necessary information and send them a letter to the address on the back of the card.

You can then request a library library card online at a library branch, and a library staff member will then email you a letter and a receipt that gives you your card.

If you have a family member or friend who uses the library, they will be able to request an online account.

If they have to go to a library to get their library card, they can use a phone call or the online system.

You also need to register for a library account before you can go to your library branch.

Registering online You can register for an account at a branch online, which is the easiest way to apply.

The online process takes about 15 minutes.

You just need to fill out a short form and bring it to the branch office.

There you can get your library card number and card number, and fill out the information.

You must bring this information with you to your branch.

You do not need to bring a driver’s license, a driver registration or a state ID card to the library branch when you apply.

You should bring your card and proof of residence when you get to your location.

How much does it cost to register?

It will cost you $4.00 per month, and it can take up to two weeks to get your card in.

What if I don’t have the right card?

The library does not require you to provide proof of your card or proof of resident status when you register.

The only thing you need to provide is your address.

If the library does require you, it will be emailed to you when you receive your card, and you can fill out your application online to have it mailed to you.

How long will it take to get my library card?

Your application will take between one and three weeks.

You’ll also receive a letter at the end of the process that will give you a link to register online.

How do I get my card?

You can download your application here.

It will take about two weeks for your application to be processed.

What happens if I miss the deadline?

If you miss the time deadline, you will be contacted by the branch and you’ll need to apply again.

The branch will send you a card, but it may take a few weeks for the information you provide to be included on the card, so you’ll be contacting the branch again to see if the information is correct.

What will happen if I get a different card after a library doesn’t send me a card?

In that case, you’ll have to resubmit your application.

The deadline for resubmitting your application will vary by branch.

The local branch can provide more information about the process.

If I apply for multiple cards, what happens first?

If multiple library card applications are received by the same branch, they’ll need the application to go through a second, third and fourth round.

Each of those rounds will determine the library card available in your area.

The fourth round will determine which branch is going to give you your library.

The first library will get to choose the card for you.

You don’t need to wait until you get your first library card until after the fourth round is over.

Once the card is approved by the library you can then apply for a second library card or for a third library card for your children.

When will my library receive my card, how long will I have to wait?

Once your application has been approved, the library will mail you a librarycard within 48 hours.

Your library card will then be mailed to the card holder, who can apply online to request a card.

How can I contact the branch where I applied?

The best place to contact your local library branch is to call or text the library at 703-333-4450.

You won’t have to give your full address, but you can give them the full name and phone number of your child and the branch number that is assigned to your child’s account.

You might want to call your library staff to make sure that