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Boise, ID–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Boise Library Foundation announced today that they will be partnering with the National Film and Television Archive (NFTA) to create a collection of more than 150,000 movies, television and documentary films from all over the world, including many that were not available for public viewing until recently.

The Library Foundation will donate all profits from the sale of these films to the NFTA.

Boise Library Foundation President David R. O’Neill said, “We are proud to have this library as part of our collection.

We are very grateful to the many people who have made Boise a home for many of the great films, television shows and documentaries that we have enjoyed, and are very excited to continue to support this amazing institution.”

The Library Foundation’s mission is to preserve and share films, music, art, artifacts, and artifacts in the Boise community, and this project is an example of that goal.

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