How a Chicago Public Library can help you save money on your book in the library

Chicago Public Libraries are great places to spend money on books, but it can be a bit tricky when you want to use your library card to get books for free.

Chicago Public Librarians have a few tips on how to do that without feeling like you’re stealing.

If you want free access to the library, head to the main building.

There are also many branches scattered around the city, but they’re generally not accessible by public transit.

You can get a list of locations and contact information here.

You’ll need a library card.

A library card is your personal ID number that you can use to access the library.

When you buy a book, you can pay for it with your library credit card or cash, but you can also get a library receipt to show you were actually in the building.

The best way to use a library is to check the library’s website.

You should see a checkmark next to a particular book, and you can check your card number to see if you can access the books.

You also can sign up to receive notifications about library access requests. Read more