How to avoid a library card fraud scandal

A library card scam has hit Ohio’s largest public library, where more than 400 people have lost thousands of dollars since the card was issued in February.

The problem began when a new employee was hired at the library in early June, the Ohio Public Library Association said in a statement.

She was charged with three felony counts of card fraud, according to the association.

“She failed to provide the library with proper information, which led to our investigation, resulting in charges against her,” the association said.

The association said the library has now hired more than a dozen additional employees and added security measures.

“The library has experienced an influx of calls from customers since the first card was distributed,” the statement said.

“We are committed to providing our customers with the information they need to safely access their library resources.”

According to the library, the suspect, identified only as “L”, used the card at two different libraries in the city of Cuyahogans, one in July and one in October.

She allegedly used the cards at the Cuyahsaw Valley Public Library, where she was employed as a librarian.

She has not been arrested.

The association said it had been in contact with the library and the Cincinnati Police Department.

“We are extremely concerned by this latest development,” it said in the statement.

“It raises serious concerns about the safety and security of our patrons and our library services.

The library board is in regular contact with its board and community leaders regarding this matter.”