Watchtower online Library is a ‘toxic’ place

The Jehovah’s Witness world headquarters in New York City.

(Getty Images) The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of America (WBCTSA), a church group that controls more than 150,000 congregations worldwide, is suing the city of Chicago over its handling of the fatal police shooting of a man in Chicago on Nov. 2.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday in Cook County Circuit Court, alleges the city violated the rights of the victim, Andrew Jackson Jr., by failing to properly investigate the incident and failing to provide any information that could have prevented Jackson’s death.

“The city of the city and its police department, including the police department’s leadership, acted with total disregard for the victim’s life,” the lawsuit states.

“As a result, Andrew was placed in a situation in which he was not protected from further harm by police officers, even though the officers had lawful authority to use lethal force against him.”

The lawsuit alleges the Chicago police department failed to provide a warrant for the arrest of the suspect, Emanuel Brown, and failed to properly document the use of force by the officers.

“It is our belief that the city’s failure to properly secure and preserve the suspect’s arrest warrant resulted in Andrew Jackson’s untimely death,” the suit states.

Watchtower says the city failed to protect Jackson from the city by failing a routine protocol in the event of a shooting.

“In the circumstances presented in the lawsuit, the city, the police, and its officers had the opportunity to obtain a warrant and lawfully use deadly force against the suspect,” the complaint states.

It claims the city should have arrested Brown on a misdemeanor charge of failing to stop and render aid.

Brown, who has not been arrested, is scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 7.

Chicago police declined to comment on the lawsuit.

The Chicago Tribune previously reported that the Watchtower and the Chicago Police Department have clashed in recent years.

A lawsuit filed by the Chicago Watchtower in May accused the Chicago city of failing “to effectively and appropriately enforce civil rights laws” and for failing to investigate complaints about police brutality.

A civil rights investigation found that police in the city were disproportionately targeting people of color.