The latest in the U.S. war on drugs

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The Latest on U.N. drug war war coverage (all times local):6:40 p.m.

President Donald Trump has ordered the U to increase its use of force to stem the tide of drugs entering the U, after the death toll rose to 21,000 and drug traffickers and users continued to flee the U amid heightened security.

Trump said Tuesday he is ordering the U.”to increase its effective use of violence against drug cartels and to aggressively enforce drug laws, including the mandatory minimum penalties that are already in place.”

U.S., Mexico and Canadian authorities are holding more than 200,000 people in custody for drug trafficking and trafficking-related offenses.

The U.K. has reported a total of 19,936 convictions in the war on drug.

The administration said in a statement that Trump has directed U. S. forces to expand the use of military force to tackle the cartels and use all available resources, including drones and naval vessels, to stop the flow of drugs and people into the U and across the U-S-Mexico border.

Trump’s comments come as the U is gearing up for a major military exercise that includes a mock war against drug traffickers that could involve U.A.E. troops.

More than a dozen U.s.

Navy ships are expected to participate in the exercise, scheduled to begin Friday.

It will involve hundreds of troops from U. A.E., Canada and the U S.

A and be the first time the U has hosted a major exercise in the fight against drug trafficking.