Why did the Jefferson County Library cancel a show featuring Jefferson County’s famous J.B. Jennings?

By now, you know how Jefferson County is known for its history and history of the civil rights movement.

But, the library also serves as a vital resource for the community.

The library has hosted several major events, including the Jefferson-Jackson Presidential Forum, and has hosted the Jeffersonian Community Forum, a series of events hosted by local and national civil rights organizations.

The Jefferson County Public Library has also hosted numerous educational programming for local and state school districts.

So, when the library canceled its J. B. Jennings concert on January 11, 2018, many in the community were disappointed.

“I don’t understand why it took a month to cancel,” said Jefferson County resident Rebecca Sauer.

“It’s one of those things where it takes us a while to get used to it, and we are used to the library being there, so why would it take us so long?”

The library also said that the performance was not due to scheduling conflicts, but rather because Jennings’ wife, Sandra, was ill with pneumonia.

However, it was later revealed that Sandra was suffering from pneumonia.

In an email sent to the public, the Jefferson City Public Library said the cancellation was a matter of scheduling, and that the decision to cancel was not related to Jennings’ illness.

“Due to a scheduling conflict, we have decided to cancel the Jefferson Davis-J.B., Jennings, and J.J. Jennings tribute show due to a lack of suitable musical acts,” the library said.

“The show was originally scheduled for January 21 and was rescheduled due to Ms. Sandra’s illness.

The show is currently scheduled for April 25 and is scheduled for a second time on May 12.”

According to the Jefferson county library, the decision was made after Jennings’ medical condition deteriorated, and the performance could not go forward.

“Because of the circumstances surrounding Ms. Jennings’ recovery, it has been determined that this concert will not be performed at the library,” the statement said.

Jennings, a civil rights icon, was one of the founders of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Montgomery Independent Black Republican Committee, and a key figure in the Montgomery-Jefferson Railroad boycott of the 1970s.

Jennings died in 1994.

Sauer said that Jennings’ widow, who died in 1995, “was one of my biggest influences in life.

She was very caring, always willing to listen, always encouraging, always loving.

She had a way of making you feel like a big sister.”

According a tweet from Jefferson City Mayor J.A. Wiles, the Library of Congress will be holding a memorial service for Jennings in the coming weeks.

“He was a great man,” Wiles said.


B.] is remembered as an advocate for civil rights, an inspiration to all who lived through those difficult years.”

In a statement on its Facebook page, the Lincoln Memorial Library said that its decision to drop the J. Jennings performance was a personal one and that it was based on the circumstances of the illness of Sandra Jennings.

“We had hoped to have a memorial concert at the Jefferson Library and, to our great regret, it would not go ahead,” the Facebook post said.

A statement from the Jefferson Public Library noted that the library is a community resource that provides a place for everyone to connect, and “the J. J. & J. and JB. show was not a part of that.

We have always valued the community’s input in all of our events and activities, and have made it clear that this is not something we would ever allow in our community.”

The statement also noted that Jennings was a pioneer of the “sit-in” and a founder of the Civil Rights Movement, and thanked him for his contributions to the civil right movement.

“His legacy lives on in all the countless civil rights and anti-lynching rallies he attended,” the Library statement said, adding that Jennings also had “a profound impact on the fight against lynching.”

The Jefferson Public Libraries’ statement is not the first time the library has canceled a performance in the wake of a patient’s illness or illness.

In 2017, a performance at the Lincoln County Library was cancelled due to the death of a local man who had suffered from pneumonia and a lack in available musicians.

The LCL did not release the details of the patient’s health or condition, but the library did say that the patient had suffered a “severe respiratory infection” that “had not responded well” to prior treatments.

“There are a number of events we are canceling because of the unexpected illness of a performer,” the LCL said in a statement at the time.

“While we are still trying to find a replacement, we will make the necessary changes to our schedule in order to make sure that the audience is ready to hear a J. Jeff and J-B tribute show.”

A spokesperson for the Jefferson Parks and Recreation Department said that it has “no information” to offer about the medical condition of