How to find a job in the Library of Fairfax County

By Kate TandyPublished January 02, 2017 08:45:50The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ latest census data shows that in the month of January, there were over 817,000 people in the Australian capital cities who were employed as library workers, compared to just over 633,000 in February.

As well as the city’s library workers and library staff employed in Canberra and Melbourne, there are about 16,000 other workers in the city who are employed in the community.

It is likely that the libraries will see a significant increase in the number of jobs in the coming years, as the number and diversity of people employed in local communities is expected to increase over time.

For instance, more than 100,000 libraries across the country are expected to be open in 2021, up from just over 30,000 staff at the start of the current financial year.

And while the number has been increasing steadily over the past 20 years, it is the growth of the community that has been the driving force behind this.

Since 2000, the number (and diversity) of people working in the libraries has increased by more than 70%.

While many of the people working as library staff and library workers are young, there is also a growing population of older people who are taking up the role of a librarian.

This includes people over the age of 75, and people with disabilities.

And as more people become more familiar with the work of the library, they may find the experience of working in a library a rewarding one.

Here are some tips to help you find a career in the library.

How to find the jobThe best way to find out if you are eligible to apply for a job is to apply online or by mail.

You can also call the library and ask about vacancies, and they can help you with the application process.

If you do not have the right qualifications, you can always apply online.

If the library does not have an online application system, you should use the application system available on the Australian Library Association website.

There are also a number of websites where you can apply online to become a librarianship intern.