How to make your own ‘Jellyfish’ book from a plastic bottle

A book of jellyfish stories has found its way onto Amazon’s bestseller list.

The book titled Jellies, Books and Stories from the Beach has already sold over a million copies, and now it has been voted as one of the top ten best books of 2017 by readers.

The book, written by journalist Kevin Kwan, features stories from a variety of topics including jellyfish, food, animals and even a few quirky, and often humorous, tales.

Jellydome, a jellyfish aquarium, in the heart of the Chicago suburb of Joliet.

The story of the book is told by a jolly, blue jellyfish named Jimmy.

Jimmy’s tale begins in a beach bar called the Jellys, which is frequented by a wide variety of people from all walks of life.

Jimmy’s story begins in the beach bar, the Jells, which, as the title suggests, are a collection of jelly fish themed venues that offer entertainment to all sorts of different people.

It’s not long before Jimmy’s friends start taking to the beach, including his older brother and friends.

The beach bar is in the same neighbourhood as a number of other bars, such as The Bar, The Pool and The Dolphin, which are also in the Jellydomes.

The Bar and The Pool are known for their great music and DJ sets, while The Dolphin is known for its themed area and live music.

In the next book, entitled Jellie, Books & Stories, Jimmy starts his story at the Jollys, where a jollied up jellyfish bar known as The Jellypants will soon be the scene of a comedy sketch.

In The Jollies, Jimmy meets a very different jellyfish than the one he came to know, but he has a lot to learn.

After a few weeks of travelling through the jellyfish world, Jimmy finally meets his new friend and soon finds himself on the frontlines of a war.

The Jollied Up Jellyfish Bar and the Jammies, the Jellydomes, is not the only book that Jimmy has written, but his own book has gone on to win the 2018 Book of the Year award from The Chicago Library System.

Jellypop, a book about pop culture and music, is also being voted for best book of 2017 from the Chicago Library system.