How to fix Austin Public Library’s $50 million billy goat problem

By DAVID HENDRICKS,AP public library reporterTUESDAY, Dec. 15, 2017(AP)It’s one of Austin’s largest public libraries’ biggest problems.

The city’s biggest problem is that its billy goats are the largest source of the city’s $30 million budget shortfall.

But the city has a solution: buy more goats.

The Austin Public Libraries Board of Directors approved the city plan Tuesday to buy two dozen goat-raising goats and to pay for a third goat breeding program, in addition to $1.1 million in goats that the library has already purchased.

Board President Bob McNeil says the goats are being used for breeding, research and other activities to help fix Austin’s budget deficit.

He says the library is not getting the money it needs from the federal government for its goats.

McNeil says he’s pleased with the plan because he doesn’t think the city is getting a good deal on the goats.

He says he wants to make sure that the goats will continue to breed and to be used for research purposes.

The plan also calls for the city to make additional money available to help pay for the goats and other goat breeding programs.