Purdue University library unveils new ‘graphic novel’ app with interactive graphics

Purdue University has unveiled a new interactive graphic novel app that lets users play, share and learn with interactive elements and captions.

The Purdue University Library app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

It’s an interactive app that’s intended to give people the ability to create, share, and learn from their favorite graphic novels.

Purdue University has released an interactive graphic book called The Graphic Novel.

It allows users to interact with images, video and text to create and share digital comics and interactive novels.

It is available for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

The app uses HTML5, the same technology powering Apple’s Pages, iPad and Apple Watch.

The interactive graphics book allows users, including students, to draw and write comics, write and read novels, create illustrations and create illustrations of the most popular comic book characters.

The graphic novel is available on the Purdue University website, the Purdue Libraries website, at pbluemuseum.com and the Purdue PEN Center website.

The Purdue PLEAD Center is the online platform for student and faculty advocacy, education and fundraising.

The graphic novel, which has been developed with the help of Purdue’s Digital Media Lab, was designed by Paul M. Sifakis and is published by Scholastic Media Publishing.

The interactive graphic novels app is not yet available on Google Play, but users can download it for free on the PBLU website.PBIL will release a preview of the app at the PBIL conference in Orlando, Florida, in April.