Boston Public Library to expand online reading list, library says

A Massachusetts public library will expand its online reading collection, announcing plans to add a number of books and magazines online and to expand the list to include more genres.

The move will help the public library attract more readers and broaden its offerings, according to the library.

The library announced Wednesday that it will add books on the science, history, art, and history of books to its online library of choice, the Boston Public Lib, starting on July 2.

The library will also add more than 100 titles, including a handful of science-themed titles, and a selection of children’s books.

The plan comes as the library is working to expand its digital collection of about 1.3 million books, which is already nearly 10 percent of its online content.

The move comes after a similar plan was scrapped by Boston Public Schools, which would have offered the library the option to use its online catalog to offer online access to about 600 titles.

But the plan fell apart after public outcry.

The new library initiative, which will be rolled out over the next year, will include more than 500 titles, said Elizabeth Johnson, executive director of the library, in a news release.

The libraries will also expand the collection to include some of the city’s more popular digital titles, such as a list of Boston-area movies.

The public library has long been a leader in digital book acquisitions, but the expansion of its catalog to include the library’s most popular titles will allow the library to expand it further and offer more to readers.

The plan also includes a new section on the library website, where readers can learn more about the library and its collections.

The addition of the titles comes as Boston Public Libraries has been in the midst of a $500 million book-buying spree, and the library plans to increase its online offerings by another 30 percent.

A recent survey by the Library Association of Massachusetts found that 50 percent of Boston Public library patrons read at least some of their library content online.

In a survey of the public’s tastes for reading materials, 55 percent of respondents said they read at a library or on their own, while 22 percent said they did so for a group or a group of friends.

The expansion will help make the library a more attractive choice for students and students who need more books, said Joseph Osterman, director of public affairs for the library system.

The number of students who read at the library has grown dramatically in recent years.

Last year, the library served about 2.5 million students.

‘We’re not going to let it happen again’: Boston public library’s testing library to open at the end of the month

A new public library in Boston is expected to open its doors to testing in the coming weeks.

The Boston Public Library will open its new testing library, the Cambridge Public Library, on Dec. 30.

The library’s new testing room will be called the Test Center, and it will be open 24 hours a day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., 7 days a week.

It will have a “district-based” layout, which means the library will offer access to testing only to students in the districts of the building where the building is located.

The library’s website describes the library as being “designed to help students get their feet wet in an exciting new discipline.”

In the fall, the library began a program to give students free books, snacks, and other educational resources during the holidays, including a book club that has now expanded to include a book-sorting club.

The new testing facility is expected the to be open for use for up to 20 weeks a year, and to be staffed by more than 1,000 people.

The test center will be part of the library’s “learning hub,” which will also include a “learn to code” space, a virtual library, and a video-sharing website, The Boston Globe reports.