How to get free, public library books in Calgary

The Collier County Library’s online store is the only place where people can get free online reading materials, free or not.

The Collie Library’s Online Book Store, located at the corner of Stony Creek Drive and Highway 11 in Calgary, opened in January.

It’s the first time the library has offered free reading material for online purchases.

“The Library is open 24 hours a day,” said Michelle Muhlendorf, manager of the online bookstore.

“There’s not a lot of other options.

The library is open year-round.”

Free online reading material is available on the library’s website and through the library mobile app.

Muhmendorf said the books are free of charge.

“We make sure that books are really accessible to everyone,” she said.

“For instance, we’ve added more materials on how to make your own ice cream and how to bake cookies for Christmas, and we’ve also got more information on the different books and how you can purchase books from the library.”

The library’s online library is only available to people over the age of 18 and the books can only be downloaded for a limited time.

Mohmendorff said there is a maximum of 10 copies of a book available for purchase each month.

If a person purchases a book for $10, they can download it for free for five days.

If they buy another book for the same amount, they get to download it again for five more days.

Muffins, cookies, crafts, and other books can be downloaded at any time, Muhvendorf explained.

Mihlendorff says people can download a book online from any of the library locations listed on the website.

“In the spring, we have the same books available for all of our locations,” she explained.

“So, if you’re in one of our cities, you can find the same book on the internet, so you don’t have to walk to a different location.”

The online book store will continue to be updated throughout the winter, MihmendorF said.

People can find out more about the library online through the Collie County Library website or by contacting the library.

The online library has more than 10,000 titles available for download and will continue as long as the library continues to grow.

With files from CBC Calgary’s Jennifer Stokley.