How to help the homeless in Knox County’s downtown library

KENTON COUNTY, Alabama (Reuters) – A downtown Knox County library board is trying to figure out how to help homeless people.

The Knox County Homeless Assistance Council, which includes several charities, is meeting in downtown Knoxville to discuss ways to help people who don’t have money to help themselves.

The council has been trying to get the word out about its efforts for more than a year, but it’s been overwhelmed.

The group has been meeting monthly since April.

It’s seeking help to make the county’s homeless shelters more affordable and more accessible.

A homeless man walks past a mural in the lobby of a downtown Knox library in Knoxville, Alabama, May 15, 2021.

REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk”We want to make sure that there’s an effective, transparent and accountable process that we’re using,” said Craig Sievers, the council’s executive director.

Sievers said it could take months for the council to determine how best to get people back into the community.

The board also is working with other community organizations to make their own shelters more accessible and to find better ways to keep people from falling into homelessness.

The city of Knoxville had been working to make homeless services more accessible to people who are homeless.

They also have set up a transitional housing program to house people who have nowhere to go.

The local homeless shelter, the Salvation Army and the homeless service center have all been part of the efforts.

The homeless shelter is being built at the corner of Main Street and Madison Avenue in Knoxburg.

It has a full-time staff of 15 people and is on the edge of downtown Knox.