New York City Public Library to install 100,000 WiFi hotspots to help curb Internet-induced respiratory diseases

A public library in New York’s Bronx will install 100 free WiFi hotspot stations in the neighborhood, which are part of a $10 million pilot program aimed at helping combat the spread of coronavirus.

The hotspots will be placed around public parks and other public spaces to encourage people to use them.

A public meeting on the project was held on Thursday.

The project is part of the city’s Vision Zero initiative, which aims to make the city cleaner and safer by eliminating traffic deaths, air pollution and traffic accidents.

The city hopes to install 200 hotspots in the coming months, said Public Library Director Mary Anne O’Neill.

“It is a pilot program, but it is a really important one,” she said.

A public meeting is being held on the pilot project at the Public Library on Friday, where residents will discuss the project and share ideas on what to do with their new Wi-Fi hotspots.

There are currently roughly 500 hotspots across the city, but the city hopes the pilot program will help reach 200,000 people, O’Neil said.

The city has spent about $40 million over the past five years to install Wi-fi in the city.

In February, the city announced plans to install the first 100 hotspots over the next five years.

The pilot program is expected to last a year.