How a ‘brilliant’ local library is making its mark in Fulton County

In the last decade, Fulton County has transformed itself into a thriving county-owned community.

With the help of a local library, it has become a centre for arts and culture.

Now, its library is giving back.

The library has become an important part of a community that has long seen its resources being used for the greater good.

“The librarian in my community was kind enough to give me her time and I have been delighted to have her to take me to the local theatre, to see a show in the arts centre,” said local resident Mary Jo Tackett.

The librarians job has evolved over the years.

Tackitt has gone from being a teenager to a retiree with a full-time job.

“I have been reading since I was a child and I started going to the library for my library card.

When I graduated from high school I was able to get my first job and I worked for the library,” she said.

“They have been a wonderful resource for me.”

Tackett is just one of many local librators who have worked in the past decade.

They have helped with bookings, book purchases, library supplies and even helped organise book festivals.

Librarians have also been involved in local politics.

“The county librarian was the first person to raise the issue of the budget for the county library and the local library board decided to get involved and we have been campaigning on a variety of issues,” said Laura Rios, chair of the Fulton County Library Board.

“I think there is a great deal of pride in our library being in a place where we can do the best work we can, to provide the best service to the people of Fulton County,” said L.A. County Supervisor, Mark DeWitt.

The library has also become a cultural hub for the community.

In the past, people from all walks of life have come to the county for its great library and community resources.

“It is really hard to get the community involved in the work of a library,” said Tacketts daughter, Mary Jo.

Libraries have also become an extension of the community in the last 20 years.

“Our community has always had a great history and our libraries are really important to us,” said Rios.

The Librarian’s Day on Sunday will feature activities and a performance.

It will also offer free wi-fi and a chance to visit the library with family and friends.

For more information about the Librarian Day, visit the Fulton Library’s website at

A version of this story was first published on Al Jazeera England.

How to make the most of your NFL season library

If you’re a fan of NFL teams, the most interesting part of this weekend’s draft will be the selection of quarterbacks.

The draft is about picking a quarterback and there are plenty of candidates to go after in the first round, with some quarterbacks going top 10 and others going to the second or third round.

But there are also plenty of guys who you may not think are good enough to make a significant impact on the field.

Here are the 10 best NFL draft prospects who don’t fit the mold of typical prospects.1.

Aaron Murray, RB, Fresno StateThe Fresno State running back is a great athlete, but he has a long way to go before he can be considered a potential starter in the NFL.

Murray is a good fit for teams who value a runner with the size and speed to get open against defenses that play zone coverage.

Murray has good size and quickness for a runner who plays in a spread offense.

He is not a burner, but can put the ball in the hands of receivers who have good hands.

Murray is a very good pass catcher and should be a good option for teams looking to add a running back in the second round.2.

Ryan Anderson, QB, Eastern WashingtonWith the Eastern Washington offensive line struggling to find consistency and the offensive line being in flux, the Broncos need to move on from Brock Osweiler.

Anderson, a former four-star recruit who is entering his senior year of high school, has the skills to become a starting quarterback in the league.

He has shown good accuracy and is able to throw from a variety of positions.

Anderson is a smart passer who knows when to use his legs and when to put the football where it belongs.

The former five-star prospect is a quarterback who can be trusted with the ball and has shown the ability to throw deep.

Anderson could become a top-five pick in the draft, but it is a long shot.

He will have to overcome some struggles in his junior year to get to that point.3.

Jalin Marshall, WR, LouisvilleThe Cardinals are a longshot to select a receiver in the early rounds.

Marshall is a solid route runner who can make the play in space as a receiver.

He had a great senior year with 565 receiving yards and seven touchdowns.

Marshall has the speed and burst to play in the slot or in the outside receiver position, which is a position where he has excelled in college.

Marshall can run with power and catch the ball with his hands.

He may need to work on his route running and his consistency.4.

Jordan Matthews, WR/KR, Michigan StateWith all of the quarterbacks in this draft class, Matthews is the most intriguing prospect to watch.

He might be the best receiver available in this class, but Matthews is a more pure athlete.

Matthews is an elite athlete who can move well in space and run well with the football.

He can also make plays on the ball when he makes the correct read.

Matthews could be a solid top-5 pick in this year’s draft.5.

Jaylon Smith, QB/RB, Arizona StateThe Arizona State quarterback situation is in flux after the departures of Carson Palmer and Jeff Driskel, and with no true starter in place for the rest of the season, it could take a few years before the Sun Devils find a quarterback.

Smith could be the ideal quarterback for the Sun Devil offense if he finds a way to develop.

Smith is an athletic, quick-twitch quarterback with the arm strength and athleticism to succeed in the pro game.

He was a three-star quarterback recruit who could have been drafted as high as No. 2 overall.

He struggled with inconsistency in college and was inconsistent in the pros.

Smith’s pro career has been plagued by injury and he will need to be a better leader for the team.6.

Ryan Switzer, CB, Penn StateThe Penn State cornerback situation is very interesting.

Switzer was one of the top cornerbacks in the class but is no longer a true starter.

He played just nine games as a true freshman in 2017, and he missed five games in 2018.

Switzers success is dependent on the quarterback, but his production has not been impressive.

If he struggles with his ball skills, he will be a player who can struggle with the accuracy.7.

Justin Holley, DE, LSUThe LSU defensive line is an intriguing prospect for teams in need of an edge rusher.

Holley has the size, strength and quicknesses to be an effective edge rusher at the next level.

He needs to get stronger, but Holley is a tough player to knock off the field when he plays well.8.

Josh Allen, DE/OLB, AlabamaAllen is a versatile defensive end who has played all over the field, from the interior to the outside.

He excels in run defense and can be used as a pass rusher.

Allen is a physical, strong, athletic edge