Архив метки: мужские техники

Мужские техники (Christy Cote & George Garcia)

видео-курс аргентинского тангоВидео-курс по мужским техникам аргентинского танго (Argentine Tango Leaders Technique) от Christy Cote & George Garcia.

Описание курса:

The secret to becoming a great dancer is mastering the Leader’s Technique. George Garcia has an incredibly comprehensive and articulate approach to analyzing the mechanics of the Leader’s part. George takes you step by step through all the technical points of each of the important elements of Argentine Tango. This video covers both open and close embrace styles representing the dance of today’s Milongas. The instruction is completely in English and is professionally produced in an organized one-on-one format like a private lesson making this Dance Vision Video/DVD clear and easy to comprehend.

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