‘The library is not the place for me’: Library critic responds to a tweet

A Brisbane public library critic has accused a Twitter user of calling her “racist” and “sexist” after the user said she wanted to have a book read to her children.

In an interview with the ABC, library director of children’s services Susan Dye said the woman who called her “racist, sexist, misogynist” on Tuesday was “in shock” and was angry because she did not think she could read the book.

Ms Dye described the woman’s tweets as “disgusting”.

“I think the woman is obviously distressed, distressed and upset, and we’re all really sorry,” she said.

“We would ask for her to refrain from that kind of behaviour.”

I’ve had a number of complaints about this, and the library has always responded in a positive way, but we will not tolerate that behaviour.

“Ms Dys said the man who made the tweet also asked for his name to be removed, but that she said she did it because “he’s not part of the library”.”

As a member of the public, he doesn’t have access to the library, he can’t access the library,” Ms Dys told the ABC.”

If you’re a member, he should get in touch with the library.

“She said the library was not the venue for her children to read books.

Ms Dunsey said the Twitter user had a history of harassing people on the internet, including the woman she said “sexists”.”

The woman said she was ‘sexist’ and she was in shock,” Ms Dunsey told the television station.”

It was really upsetting and I was very angry.

“The library doesn’t condone racism, sexism or any other form of hatred, so I just think we need to make sure that all people feel comfortable in the library or anywhere.”

Ms Dunse said the person who posted the tweet was a member at the library and had a Facebook account, but she did have the same number.

“He has a Facebook, Twitter account, he’s not in the libraries, he has no access to those services, and it was very upsetting for him to see that,” Ms Duncan said.

Ms Duncan said she hoped the person would “do something about it” and deleted the account.

She said it was the first time she had received a threatening tweet from someone on social media.

“That’s really disappointing because we have such an incredibly supportive community of people who care about what we do and care about the library they’re part of,” she told the station.

MsDunsey said she believed the man had been a member since November and the woman had been part since October.

“My heart goes out to them, I just want to say sorry to them,” she added.

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Buffalo Library card types: There are two types of Buffalo library cards, a daytime card and a night card.

The daytime card is issued during daylight hours, and it only covers the library’s hours.

The night card covers the same hours, but with night hours extended for one more hour.

The Buffalo Library says they can only issue daytime cards to patrons in their library hours, so if you’re looking to visit at night, make sure you’re checking the library hours on your phone before going to bed.

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How to tell whether you’re a ‘gay’ or a ‘straight’ man

A New York-based gay bar has been ordered to pay $6.7 million in fines after it refused to serve customers with same-sex partners.

The ruling by the New York City Board of Health is the latest example of courts across the country grappling with the social and legal ramifications of gay marriage.

The bars ruling came after a New York Times investigation found that the establishment of two lesbian bars in New York city had allowed customers with gay spouses to avoid paying the same taxes and fees as their heterosexual counterparts.

But in 2015, the city board of health ruled against the two lesbian bar owners, saying they had failed to comply with city ordinances requiring them to serve gay patrons with same sex partners.

In response, the bars owners appealed the board’s decision, saying it had gone too far.

The New York Board of Public Health, which oversees public health, sided with the owners and imposed fines on the two bars, saying that “the law requires that a business have a policy that excludes same-gender customers” and that “such exclusion is necessary for the operation of a public health program”.

The board of public health also determined that the two businesses were violating the state’s anti-discrimination law by refusing to provide customers with service that violated their personal beliefs, which could include discrimination against their sexual orientation.

But the bar owners argued that the New Jersey law only applies to establishments that serve customers who are gay or lesbian, not to bars.

The board said it had no choice but to impose the fines because the state did not provide sufficient clarity to the public about how to determine whether a business is a public accommodation.

The state has been working to clarify that standard in the wake of the US Supreme Court ruling in May that struck down a ban on same-day same-marital weddings in North Carolina, where same-year marriages are legal.