Drexel University library to offer free books to students in fall 2018

Digital library Ohio Digital Library has signed a memorandum of understanding with Drexell University Libraries to offer students in the fall a free digital book.

Drexell students and faculty are invited to apply to receive a free copy of the book during the fall semester beginning in the spring semester, and will be able to access the book and access the Drexelle online community during the summer.

According to the agreement, students and instructors can download the book as an eBook, print it, or view a digital copy of it on any device.

Students will be required to register to the digital library website, which will have an online enrollment form for the first time.

The library will also offer a number of other online resources for the fall.

The agreement also provides for Drexle students to receive an e-book of the digital book, which includes an introduction, a glossary, and links to additional resources.

Drexles libraries have been accepting applications for digital books since 2016, and the library said in a statement that the agreement is a first step toward providing access to the book online for all Drexels students and staff.

The Drexeller announcement came as a surprise to many, but it has a lot to do with the ongoing debate surrounding the use of free speech on college campuses.

In response to recent controversies at Duke University, some colleges have banned campus speech in the name of academic freedom, and students and teachers have been demanding that campuses address the controversy.

In a recent op-ed, Drexeling President John Gee said he was “disappointed” by the university’s decision.

The University of Texas at Austin has also banned student speech on campus since last year, and it was recently criticized for a policy that restricts the speech of the university and its students.

The debate over free speech and campus speech has grown more contentious in recent months, with students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee protesting an anti-Semitic chant by an officer during a Black Lives Matter protest.

Chesterfield County library offers online courses in its digital archives

Chester County library is offering online classes on its online archives to the public.

The library’s digital library catalog is available for anyone to download for free.

Library Director John C. Brown said the library’s website is not yet live, but the library will make an announcement about the new courses when they’re available.

Brown says the online library catalog will provide access to many things that would otherwise be hard to find.